Your Friend Wants To Welcome You Here.....

We've just launched our membership to upgrade from 'A Guest' to "A Regular" and with that a whole group of new features to connect with women around a table. Your friend has sent you this page because she believes you should be a part of this and would like to give you that gift for free for the next 3 month (till September 1).

Everything below is for your eyes only!

    Everyone that joins & the Table will automatically become a guest.

    This gives you a guest profile & the ability to request a seat at an official host's table, and when invited, join that table to meet new women.


    Your friend is GIFTING this to you till September 1st for €0. No credit card needed to be put down, we just ask you come on, create community tables, connect with women & tell us how we can better this for you.

    How to do this in the steps below.


    Becoming a regular means you're building this next stage with us. You get open access to host & attend Community Tables, Walking Experiences, a 50% reduced platform fee per official table, access to the Perks page & more.


    Please Note: Free access to the Nourishment Walk is not a part of this gift.

Follow the steps below to get all set up, we can't wait to welcome you into this!

  • Step 1 - Make a "Guest" Profile on & The Table

    Follow the link here, it takes you to the official platform where you can se up your profile. Then, come back to this page you're on now. If you already have a profile, you can move automatically to 'Step 2'.

  • Step 2 - Submit Your Email to us!

    Now that you're back here, follow this link which will take you to an submission. Input your Name, Email & the Friend that recommended you. Then we will cross referene with that friend and get you upgraded to becoming a Regular!

  • Step 3 - Community Tables & More

    It should take about 48 hours (at max) to confirm but then you will become 'A Regular'! We're truly asking everyone that comes to interact with the platform, request a community table, put up your own & email through any feedback!

Learn All About Becoming 'A Regular'

This page is just the invitaiton from your beautiful friend who wants you to be a part of this. All the details below.

Tell me more!


Get all questions answered about what it means to be a part of this! and YES, you can become a part of this from anywhere. If there is something we don't answer, you can always reach out to us over email.

Get into the nitty gritty....