February: Sam's List

Written by: Samantha Wolfson


New year, new obsessions. Let's get into it.

1. Hair Accessories - There are no other words other than I'm obsessed. For some reason, everyone close to me in my life has decided to get married within the next 6 months so I have some outfits to plan. With that, I've come across Lelet and am blown away by the quality. The gold barrette's, the bows, the marble double arch pony - it's truly chef's kiss. Started by Sara Bieler Sasson, a New York based designer, she has an eye for what's both feminine, modern, and captivating. You will be seeing them (both as weddings and dinner parties) in a few of my outfits very soon.

2. Trendy Potato Bar - For my most recent & the Table dinner, I was able to bring my vision of a cool chic potato bar on vintage silverware to life. This was such a great idea for I had a guest that was a vegetarian, one who had a gluten restriction, and another guest who was lactose intolerant. That concoction doesn't make it easy when trying to figure out a menu so I needed a main course that could be versatile and allow for each person to cater to their own dietary restrictions. Enter in the Potato bar. Delicious crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside potatoes with sides of; Sour Cream, Caviar, Fish Roe, Mushroom, Broccolini, Egg, Beans & Bacon, All of it plated on the beautiful silver serving plates rented from Magasin plus couleur which just gave it a upscale vibe. 



3. Airlo - Listen, I'm not a tech girlie who can claim to understand how any phone data/travel works, so I just normally pay whatever it is on my Tmobile and be done with it. Until I was shown Airlo. This app has changed the way I travel. You download the app on your phone (I have an iPhone) and load it on the e-SIM for whatever country you're going to (I highly recommend doing this prior to traveling there but you can always do it when you're there and have wifi). Then you buy the data package you want, as you can see it's literally 1/10th of the price of all of these other providers. Follow the steps to install it and boom, you have data for a fraction of the cost. As someone who needs her data when she travels but hates her phone bill doubling and tripling for that month, this has been a wallet saver. 

4. Skincare - I've always had an unpleasant relationship with my skin. Hormones, acne, picking, the whole thing. I have super sensitive skin and it can become both oily or dry very quickly. Recently I was shown this Pore Clogging website and checked a lot of my skincare products. Well, most had a lot of clogging ingredients so into the trash they went. I rebuilt my routine with this website in site (& have been using a lot of gentle Korean Skincare products from KbeautyNL like Anua & Aestura) and I have seen a complete 180 change in my skin. I've never been someone who feels confident without makeup on and It's a place I hope to work to through 2024 and this is a big step in that. 

5. Edible Treasure - The true meaning of this space is the title. The beautiful shop offers a curated selection of editable (and in-editable) treasures celebrating food. Located in Amsterdam Zuid (south) it's a great place to go to browse their selection, get a coffee, chat with friends, and nibble on a sweet treat. It's personally what I would love my future kitchen to look like and if you haven't stopped by yet, I highly recommend putting it on your list for any time from Tuesday to Saturday. 

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