The Power of Six: Why We Limit Our Dinner Guests

Written by: Samantha Wolfson


There's no shying away that we take a different approach from big gatherings and long tables - instead, we focus our dinner party on intentionally limiting the number of guests at a table to six and ensure everyone comes not knowing anyone else attending. This deliberate choice isn't just about the logistics of seating; it's about creating an atmosphere where connection takes precedence over the quantity of women.

Intimacy Breeds Connection

Our essence lies in the intimate nature of its gatherings. By keeping the number of participants small—usually four to six women—we aim to foster a sense of closeness that's often absent in larger events. This intimacy allows for deeper conversations and a genuine exchange of ideas and experiences.

A Unified Conversation

In a setting of six, every voice has the opportunity to be heard. The cohesive nature of a small group encourages one conversation to flow naturally, with participants engaged in meaningful dialogue rather than getting lost in the cacophony of a larger crowd. This unity of conversation creates an environment where genuine connections can take root.

Quality over Quantity

We challenge the notion that the value of an experience is determined by the number of participants. Instead, it champions the idea that true connection and genuine interaction are more likely to thrive in a smaller, more intimate setting. By prioritizing quality over quantity, we redefine the concept of a meaningful gathering.

A Safe Space for Vulnerability

Small groups offer a comfortable space for vulnerability. The intimate setting allows for ease of speaking about sensitive topics which can't always be spoken about when at a cafe or bar on the weekends. This vulnerability creates a sense of shared understanding and empathy that forms the foundation of lasting connections.

Generous Exclusion

From one of our favorite books, The Art of Gathering, Priya speaks about how exclusion can be a generous act when done properly. Ensuring the people meant for the gathering all have the same purpose for being there. Our curation system focuses on the hosts ensuring everyone around the table has a cohesive purpose and understand of what the evening is about. When that purpose is met intentionally, that's where deeper connection takes place. 

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