Joining Us & Becoming A Member

We're building this step by step and looking for the women to bring this to life with us world-wide.


    Everyone that joins & the Table will automatically become a guest. This gives you a guest profile & the ability to request a seat at an official host's table, and when invited, join that table to meet new women.


    You get everything 'a guest' gets, then in addition you get open access to host & attend Community Tables, 2 free Walking Experiences & a Nourishment Walk per year, a 50% reduced platform fee per official table, access to the Perks page, an exclusive 20% discount on all of the merchandice launched on Our Shop & more.

  • A Member

    You women are here to build & the Table with us. You attend tables official, connect through Community Tables, take a part in walks & are truly invested in this growth. You show up with your whole self to everything you partake in. We want to feed that with unlimited access to these features, 100% platform fee reduction to any official tables and so much more!

We're not looking to grow this in numbers, we're looking for the group of women who align with our vision and want to grow....

So what are some of the things I get when being a Member?

  • The Perks From Women We Love

    We love highlighting the women we love, the Perks allows us to give the exclusive discounts & gifts from those brands to you. Everything from travel to clothing to wellness, it's all there!

  • 100% Reduction of Platform Fee

    With every Official Table there is a €10 Platform fee on your ticket. Because you are helping us build this, this platform fee for every official table is fully taken away.

  • Member Badge for Every Table

    Whenever you request a seat at an Official Table, there will be a Badge next to your name that signifies you're a Member & nourishing guest.

  • Walking Experience & More

    By becoming a member, you get the ability to go to unlimited Walking Experiences & Nourishment Walks, 40% off all things from "The Shop" and so much more to come in 2024!

...and what are Community Tables?

Community tables are the new way to connect in more casual settings by utilizing our request system. As a Member or Regular, you can put up (host!) community tables to connect and meet the women in your city or when you're on the road.

1-1 coffee dates, groups of 3 having wine in the sun, casual yet divine dinners of 5 - all is possible with Community Tables to find the women around you to connect and have nourishing experiences.



Get all the logistics and questions answered about what it means to be a part of this! If there is something we don't answer, know you can always reach out to us over email.

Get into the nitty gritty....