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The Walking Experience (Café Winter Edition 2024)

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This version of the walking experience is SOLD OUT. The next one will be announced through our newsletter for spring!


A Sunday afternoon in Amsterdam of nourishment for women to connect with new women whom they've never met. This is a touchpoint, a reset for you women to have meaning conversation with other ambitious and motivating women throughout Amsterdam. First and foremost, you come solo like every other women and we pair you with 1-2 other women who you go for a connecting & nourishing afternoon experience. 

Because this is in the winter, this will take place in a café instead of a walk through the park. That is why this is brought down from the normal price of €15 due to having to pay for a coffee at your location. 

What you get from me when signing up. Please note, there are limited spots available –

  • A new connection (Groups of 2 or 3 women total)

  • The guiding questions & agenda for your experience in Amsterdam

  • 10-12x different chic café's as options for you and your matche(s) to meet at all over Amsterdam. Please note: Currently drinks/food from the café's are not included in this ticket price. 

Please note (Super important!)

  • The Form: Once a ticket it bought, the person taking place in the experience must fill out this form as soon as possible. This way we can learn all about you and find you a magnificent match. Without it done by January 1st, we cannot match you and you cannot take place in the experience. 
  • A Checkout MUST: PLEASE use a European billing/shipping address when checking out! You should see the VAT at check out and it should be  €12.10 total. If you check out without this, we will ask you to repurchase. We're a small company so this matters.
  • Invoice: This product is €10 ex VAT. If you need an invoice of the breakdown of the €12.10 incl. VAT, please just shoot us an email. 
  • A Gift: If you buy this as a present for a friend - please email us right away and confirm your friends full name & email. 
  • Refunds: After January 1st 2024, refunds are not possible for we have begun our matching procces. Unfortunately regardless of the reason, we cannot provide an refund. If before January 1st, this can be transferred to the next walking experience or to a friend. If after, it can not. 
  • Location: This experience takes place in Amsterdam so you must physically be there on Sunday January 28th 2024. If you're international and cannot be in Amsterdam, you can take place in our international nourishment experience HERE.  

This is a limited experience. Once tickets are sold out, no more will become available. 

xx Sam